Taylor Swift Grammys Performance Of "All To Well" Is Worth All Feelings

"I think for me, when I sit down at a piano, or pick up a guitar to write song the main goal is just to say exactly what I’m feeling at the time that I’m feeling it. So it’s like you try to write in real time and you end up with I guess with these albums that are kind of like massive collections of journal entries. And I think, the thing about a journal entry is you think that when you’re writing it you must be the only person, the only person who’s ever felt that way. You feel completely alone in that moment. I guess what I’m trying to say to you now is thank you for taking those collections of moments when I felt really really alone and memorizing the words to them and singing them back to me at concerts so really I don’t feel alone. A lot of times I write songs in order to cope or to forget someone, and the thing about trying to forget someone, it’s just the most complicated thing you can try to do. So it’s hard to write how you feel about trying to forget someone when you don’t even know how you feel half the time so how did you write about it. I guess in the case of this song I decided instead of trying to write how I felt I’d just write down the story from beginning to end. Because I remembered it all too well."

wow. just wow.
all too well isn’t even a single it’s literally a song she performed because her fans wanted her to. And it’s not even just a simple song when she wrote it she had to put it off for an album because it was way too emotional for her at first and she just performed it on the grammys.

Grammy gowns 2009-2014
Grammy gowns 2009-2014

Beyonce lost.

Lana lost.

Justin lost.

Taylor lost.

Ed lost.

Kendrick lost.

So basically, I’m lost because I thought the Grammys were about awarding talented artists?




Oh I can't even!!! Bästa jävla uppträdandet nånsin Taylor och mitt fangirl mode är 100% utsläppt!








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